Illusion of minimalism and simplicity - Case Study

September 18, 2017

Featured is Rockfon’s Custom-Made Vaulted Ceiling for Winthrop University’s Carroll Hall. Project was Recognized with a Prestigious CISCA 2009 Construction Excellence Award.

There is a 30-foot by 30-foot space on Winthrop University’s campus in Rock Hill, South Carolina, that you will probably not find anywhere else. Looking up into the tower of the newly constructed Carroll Hall a vaulted ceiling like no other greets your eyes. Based on an architectural rendering, this custom project’s minimalism and simplicity belie the challenges it faced in its creation.

This suspended, segmented, vaulted, metal ceiling began with a simple architecural rendering, which proved a challenge to execute from the onset. The architects had no concept of how it would be constructed and were unable to find a ceiling manufacturing company to quote the project with a warranty. In the end it came down to a collaborative effort between the installing contractor and Rockfon.

Although it was visualized to be constructed out of metal, this type of ceiling had never been made out of metal before. The medium proved to be the most efficient to work with and delivered acoustical benefits within the 20-foot high space. The installers made sure spacing between each free floating panel was precise and the panels’ arc radius matched precisely with the windows’ arc radius.

The only way to achieve a smooth effect and create the curved vaulted shape was to face mount segmented panels to a ribbed, t-bar suspension system all custom made by Rockfon. The seamlessness of the ceiling creates the illusion, depending on your perspective, that is is flat or curved...

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