In-house tile painting service - Unlimited options for your ceilings

January 15, 2018

Colour plays a vital role in influencing our experiences inside buildings and enhancing the architectural form. Like anything in design that is important, it is also complex. The use of colour is never neutral. All color conveys mood, function and atmosphere in a room. Whether you want to ignite creativity, increase productivity or make a room seem bigger or smaller, Rockfon® has the ceiling solution to bring your color vision to life. 

Don't let a minimum order quantity be a barrier for your design ideas. Locally, Morin Bros. painting services can provide the solution. Pricing on a project basis. Come and check Céline's new office 
to see the high quality final product. You'll also see the Ultraline 9/16" Exposed with 1/8" Reveal Rockfon suspension system.

Know all about the staggered patterns.