Put a volcanic twist on your next interior design

June 13, 2017

Morin Bros. brings Rockfon’s stone wool acoustic ceilings to Ottawa
• Fire performance that must be seen to be believed.
• Resistance to moisture, mould and mildew.
• Insulation and reflective properties that maximize natural lighting and help
reduce energy costs.
• Unparalleled acoustic performance that doesn’t sacrifice the aesthetics
interior designers want.

These are the distinguishing characteristics of stone wool acoustic ceilings from Rockfon, and the only supplier in Ottawa that has them is Morin Bros. Building Supplies. Over the past 28 years, Morin Bros has become the source that contractors, architects, engineers and designers can
rely on for their most challenging and ambitious projects.

Founded by siblings Claude, Gerald and Daniel, Morin Bros. specializes in
ceiling, drywall, insulation, steel studs, openings and exterior finishing systems. Its knowledgeable staff has the expertise contractors, renovators and other building professionals can trust.

“We bring our customers peace of mind when it comes to local product support and challenging job requirements,” said Claude Morin. “And we are always looking for innovative new products that will give them more options. Morin Bros. is proud to be the first to bring Rockfon’s stone wool ceiling products to the Ottawa market.”

Morin Bros. is already a local distributor for the beautiful and versatile metal
ceiling systems from Chicago Metallic. Rockfon, a long-established name in
Europe, has made its foray into the North American market through the acquisition of Chicago Metallic.

Acoustic ceilings made of stone wool are Rockfon’s hallmark. But what is stone wool? Stone wool is a natural byproduct of volcanic activity, making it a renewable and plentiful resource. It’s made from basalt, and by recycling waste material from the steel industry. Rockfon’s parent company, the ROCKWOOL Group of Denmark, has spent more than 70 years improving the production process and researching new applications, such as acoustic ceiling systems. Stone wool ceiling panels are available in 34 different colours and various finishes, sizes and edges, with installation options that include direct mount and concealed grid.

Rockfon’s diverse product line can fit any project, from office renovations on a budget, to the most demanding hygiene and containment requirements of medical facilities.


But stone wool is much more than just good looks. Rockfon’s acoustical ceilings: 

• Are non-combustible. They do not contribute
to the spread of fire, and can withstand temperatures up to 2,150 F.

• Provide excellent insulation, and reflect 83-85 per cent of available light to diffuse hot spots and glare. This improves energy efficiency and eases eye strain.

• Are easy to clean, low particle-emitting and low VOC.

• Do not support the growth or spread of harmful microorganisms. 

• Are lightweight and impact and humidity resistant.

• Provide superior acoustic performance for speech intelligibility and privacy that outperforms rival products in every price category. And it offers this with a smooth finish, unlike the unsightly perforations typical of rival products that make designers cringe. 

“Stone wool ceilings are a fast and simple way to create beautiful, comfortable and safe spaces,” said Scott Debenham, Rockfon’s Area Sales Manager for Ontario. “They’re easy to install and durable, they protect people from noise and the spread of fire. It is Rockfon’s way of making a constructive contribution towards a sustainable future.”

To learn more about Morin Bros.’ product lines, and how a Rockfon ceiling could add design flair and outstanding acoustic performance to your next project, please visit www.morinbros.ca or call 613-224-9980.

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