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September 13, 2018

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Festool - Our new line of tools
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Steel - Reminders
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Rockfon - Wall Island

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Festool Product Line

Cordless hammer drill BHC18

We are please to tell you we are now carrying the Festool products!
From drywall sanding to tile cutting, these dustless German tools will make your work easier, faster and cleaner. Come by our store to test them out or take them to your job site thanks to the 30 days money back guaranty.

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Rockfon Island acoustic panels now available for wall applications

Reliable, versatile and attractive, our Rockfon Island Wall System can be easily installed in nearly any commercial interior space where extra sound absorption is required. 
Manufactured with stone wool, our products inherently resist water, moisture, humidity, fire, as well as mold and other harmful microorganisms.
Our tested wall panel products achieve a Noise Reduction Coefficient as high as 1.15 with a 2-9/16-inch air space. The stone wool panels’ smooth, white surface also provides high light reflectance (0.86 LR) and light diffusion.

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Steel Stud Reminders

What are the benefits of the Bailey Knockout?

  • They are specifically designed to allow for rapid installation of pipes, electrical conduit and wall bridging.
  • The round service holes allow for the use of CSA approved plastic grommets for wiring.
  • The flat bottom knockout design allow for a tight 'friction fit' of the bridging channel and facilitates easier installation of the bridging clips.
  • The standard knockout pattern, punched at regular intervals (24" O.C.) allows insulation batts to easily fit around bridging without any cutting or alterations.

Product Range

Bailey Metal offers a comprehensive range of structural stud sizes, all of which are fully compliant with the applicable standards for load bearing applications.

Read Bailey's Full Datasheet