ROCKBOARD® 40/60/80 Superior Sound Absorption!

September 6, 2017

Acoustic standards, guidelines and building rating systems typically require interior partitions to be full-height, from structural slab to structural slab, and sealed airtight. This requirement, which is primarily done for good sound isolation between enclosed rooms, is too frequently ignored because it can be cost-prohibitive in the minds of some building owners.

Instead, some building owners opt to stop the interior partitions 6 inches above the ceiling level, or worse, stop them at the underside of the ceiling, leaving the plenum above the ceiling to serve as a noise throughway. This compromised approach results in lack of sound privacy and annoying disruptions when people expect to be productive.

While the concept of using lightweight plenum barriers for sound control is not new, recent research and testing of various materials and installation techniques provide a variety of options and more detailed installation instructions.

ROCKBOARD® is a premium multi-purpose board insulation to be used in walls, ceilings, and floors for acoustic and thermal applications including insulating mechanical or utility rooms, adding also a barrier to noise and fire. These products are available in various densities to support different applications. 

  • Fire resistant, non-combustible product with a melting point of approximately 2150°F (1177°C)
  • Water and moisture resistant, repels water
  • Does not rot, promote mildew, fungi, or bacteria
  • Unique directional fiber structure provides excellent sound control
  • Provides superior compressive strength for job site durability
  • Easy to install, cut, shape, and fabricate
  • Fabrication at different densities maintains fire, water, and thermal properties
  • Offered faced with reinforced foil
  • ROXUL can contribute to earning LEED® points
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