Rockfon is a healthy choice for Manchester Royal Infirmary - Case Study

November 14, 2017

Manchester Royal Infirmary has recently undergone major expansion and refurbishment as part of a £500m PFI development that also provides four new state-of-the-art hospitals for the city. Rockfon’s Medicare ceiling tile is specially designed for healthcare environments and was selected for the new wing at the Royal Infirmary, where over 130,000m2 have now been installed.

Rockfon’s Medicare ceiling tiles were installed throughout all the general areas of the new wing including the rehabilitation unit, the Education Unit Resource Library and Facilities Management offices, as well as the heart, renal and children’s departments. Due to their stone wool core, all Medicare tiles are resistant to ubiquitous bacteria and fungi, in particular Staphylococcus aureus, including its Methicillin resistant strain (MRSA), making them fully compliant with HTM 60 ceilings.

For more sensitive areas such as High Dependency and Clinical rooms, Rockfon’s Medicare Ultra was used. Designed for more specialist areas it is compliant in category 2 of HTM 60 and features an enhanced surface that can withstand high pressure cleaning. All the Medicare ranges feature a smooth, imperforate surface to give an aesthetically pleasing finish, with acoustic properties that contribute to a peaceful, healing environment...

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